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If you have been prescribed PAXLOVID, you may be eligible for support resources through PAXCESS so you can get your PAXLOVID prescription as soon as possible.

Beginning December 1, 2023, for those who don’t have commercial insurance, PAXCESS may be able to help with the U.S. Government Patient Assistance Program (USG PAP) operated by Pfizer.

For patients who don’t meet the requirements for the PAXCESS Co-Pay Savings Program, other resources may be available.

If you rely on Medicare or Medicaid for your health insurance coverage or if you are uninsured, you may qualify for help through the USG PAP operated by Pfizer. You may be able to get your prescription at your local pharmacy or via overnight mail order.

To qualify for free PAXLOVID through the program until December 31, 2024, patients must be:

  • Uninsured and do not have a prescription drug benefit at the time they fill their prescription
  • Medicare beneficiaries
  • Medicaid beneficiaries

With a focus on ensuring access for patients, the U.S. Government Patient Assistance Program (USG PAP) operated by Pfizer will continue to provide patients on Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, VA Community Care Network, and those who are uninsured access to PAXLOVID for free through December 31, 2024. PAXLOVID through the USG PAP is not available to patients who have commercial prescription drug health insurance. The USG PAP operated by Pfizer is an independent program with separate eligibility requirements offered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services and is not owned by Pfizer. Terms and conditions apply. Full terms and conditions for the USG PAP may be found here.

Exceptions for overnight orders include but may not be limited to: 3PM ET cutoff for placing orders; delivery and order processing not available on Sunday.

Simply call 1-877-219-7225 or visit the PAXCESS Patient Portal to see if you are eligible for enrollment in the PAXCESS Patient Support Program.